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The goal of the R. Kubly Family Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in Monroe, Wisconsin by empowering educated and leadership-focused individuals who live and work in the Monroe area.

The R. Kubly Family Foundation will consider Grants in the following areas:

  • Projects that increase the number of highly educated people to live in Monroe.
  • Projects that have a direct correlation of improving the quality of life in Monroe and directly attract those with advanced degrees to move to Monroe and work in Monroe.
  • Projects that contact local students who have moved away from Monroe for education or careers, to “bring them back” to Monroe.

What the R. Kubly Foundation does not fund:

  • Capital projects or equipment
  • Annual operations
  • Endowments
  • Travel funds, benefit tickets, or courtesy advertising
  • Health and human services programs

The R. Kubly Foundation will consider grant requests from $1,000 to $20,000. Grant acceptance is subject to both meeting the goal of the foundation and the availability of funds.

Grant application must be received by January 31st for consideration. Only accepted recipients are notified in writing by March 31st.